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Winstrol is orally administered synthetic anabolic steroid. It is also known under the name Stanozolol. It was originally developed in 1963 by Sterling Drug Comp. which eventually became Winthrop Laboratories today. It was subsequently approved for a human use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
Winstrol, in addition to its oral table form, can also be acquired as Winstrol Depot which is intended to be used as an intramuscular depository. Unlike majority of other anabolic steroids, it does not need to be in injectable form to be highly effective. This is because the drug was engineered to have a high bioavailabity which means it can be easily absorbed and pass liver metabolism once it is ingested. This makes it considerably much safer than some other steroids.

The drug has been used by both human as well as animal subjects to treat number of ailing conditions. In human patients, it proved successful in treating hereditary angioedema that is known to affect children and prevent them from opening their eye lids due to swelling. It is also know to heal anemia.

Veterinarians use the drug more freely and prescribe it as a steroid to improve red blood cell production, muscle growth, bone density as well as stimulate the appetite of malnourished animals.

Most often, the drug is used for non medical purposes by bodybuilding community. It has a duel effect as it significantly accelerates creation of very lean muscle tissue and it helps body burn of any fat. Bodybuilders usually use it for the purpose of achieving lean body and not to increase the mass of the muscles. It is also said that it increases the strength of the muscle without increasing its volume.

Because of this property, the drug is especially interesting for professional athletes who use it as a performance enhancement stimulus . However, the International Association for Athletic Federations (IAAF) strictly banns its use and punishes its perpetrators. This has led to a large number of controversial cases involving some of the most famous athletes. Such was the case with Ben Johnson, famous Canadian sprinter who was stripped of his gold medal for 100 meters dash at the 1988 Olympic Games.

Side-effects of the drug can be substantial and sever if the drug is abused and consumed over prolonged period of time. They can include liver damage, joint pains, and water retention. The drug is certainly not recommended to be used by anyone with preexisting medical condition such as heart disease or diabetes.


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